White desert


The “White Desert” is the most beautiful protected area in Egypt. The most distinguishing thing is that the color of the desert is pure white from limestone, and this is different from the natural forms of rock formations in any place.

Trip program

  •  Gathering at 6:00 am beside Mobile station in front of the State Council – Charles de Gaulle Street – Dokki.
  • Leaving at 6:30 exactly.
  •  Break in the middle of the road – 30 minutes.
  • Arrival at 11:00 pm.
  • Oriental food .. so that we can move around the shrines without getting tired.
  •  Getting to 4*4 cars.
  • Visit Crystal Mountain.
  • Akabat area where golden sand dunes and huge rocks exists.
  • A visit to Ain El-Serw (a spring of water in the middle of the desert).
  • Enjoy sand boarding.
  • Heading to the camp by sunset.
  • Preparing the camp.
  • Camp fire and dinner.
  •  Astronomy program.. and includes
    Watching the most important constellations in the sky.
    Watching the milky way galaxy.
    Observe night sky movement.
    How to determine directions and know Qibla by the stars.
    Using sky maps and smartphone apps.
    How do we differentiate between stars and planets.
  • Sleeping on tent overnight.

Next day

  •  Breakfast.. beans, eggs, jam, honey and cheese with tea and Nescafe.
  • Move to visit the landmarks of the White Desert.
  • Visit the palms area.
  • Return to Cairo and arrive at 9:00 pm in average.


2000 pounds for Egyptians.
2200 pounds for Foreigners.

It includes all mentioned items in the program.

Bring with you

  • ID card.
  • Suitable mountain shoes.
  • Sun cap.
  • Flashlight or Head light.
  • A light clothes bag, only.
  • A light jacket for cold nights.

Important notes

  • Accommodation will be in a camp.
  • A desert bath is available in the camp.
  • There is no good mobile network coverage in the desert.

Cancelation policy

  • The trip can be canceled or postponed for reasons of bad weather – incomplete or emergency situations, the paid amount will refunded expect the online transfer fee .
  • Cancellation can be made 72 hours before the trip , and nothing will be refunded after that.
  • Trip will not be canceled if there clouds and the lecture continued by what is available at different times of night .
  • Start Date31 December 2022 - 6:00 AM
  • End Date1 January 2023 - 9:00 PM
  • locationBaharia oasis

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