The Whales valley – Astronomy trip 22

Have you ever take a photo with the stars? Its the time for an amazing experience of camping in the desert , stargazing , watching the universe through our telescope!


Get ready for the next trip to “The Whales valley” a part “Rayan valley” protected area , which covers an area of ​​1,759 km in Fayoum Governorate, 150 km from Cairo. Scientists found 10 skeletons of whales that had been living in the area for 40 million years, and this is because it was a large part of a large North African ocean.

Trip program

✅ Friday – Assembly at 9:30 am  meeting point opposite to “The State Council” Near Mobile station – Dokki, Moving 10:00 am sharp.
✅ Rest in the middle of the road 15 minutes.
✅ Reaching the protected area of the whales valley , at 2:00 pm , visit the whales museum and the museum of the climate change , then  preparing the camp, then rest time.
✅ 7:00 pm meal time (Rice – vegetables- chicken  pane)
✅ 8:00 pm astronomy session , we will observe the sky with the naked eye and the telescope and explain:

⭐Night sky movement.
⭐How to know the north direction by the stars.
⭐Using sky maps by smart phones.
⭐How to differentiate between stars and planets.
⭐Ancient myths about the sky
⭐Watching the constellations

✅ Camp fire at night , taking photos with the stars , playing music by Oud.
✅ Free time to sleep.
✅ On Saturday – next day – get ready to return to Cairo 7:00 am, Arrival by 11:00 am.

You should bring

⚠️ ID card.
⚠️ A suitable shoes  for walking.
⚠️ Torch or headlight
⚠️ A thick  jacket as it is too cold at night.
⚠️ Food  (Only one meal available)

Important notes

📎  A sleeping bag is available for everyone , and a tent for every 2 persons.
📎 Bathrooms are available.
📎 The trip is for Egyptians only.
📎 Children under 10 years old are not allowed to attend.
📎There is no coverage for all mobile networks in the camp.
📎 Please bring food and drink for the rest of the day.
📎 Please bring a jacket for the cold weather in the desert at night.
📎 There is an unpaved road for 35 km to the whales valley, causing vibrations in the bus.
📎 The photography session and playing on Oud usually available , in case there an excuse , we will inform the travelers before the trip.



750  Egyptian pounds  for Egyptians only.


Fill out the form for the primary reservation:



Payment methods


On account number: 100029925237 💳


Through this link:

In Chefchaoun

Address: 11 Haroun Street – Mesaha Square – Dokki


Terms & conditions

⚠️After paying through ATM or online, take a photo from the receipt or screen shot and send it to through messenger on our Facebook page “Will find a shortcut button in the right side down the screen” , and mention your name and mobile number in the message.
⚠️Trip could be canceled due to insufficient number of travelers or bad weather conditions.
⚠️Trip will not be cancelled if there are clouds , the astronomy session will take a place based on what available on the sky.
⚠️The trip is limited by 20 travelers.

More information?

☎️ Call us on this number 01064114225


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