The Whales valley


If you want to feel that you are living among the stars and galaxy you must come with us for the next trip.

Trip location

The whales valley is located in the Wadi El-Rayan Protected area in Fayoum Governorate, 150 km from Cairo. In The whales valley , 10 complete skeletons of whales were found that lived in that area about 40 million years ago, as it was part of a large ocean that includes North Africa. In 2005, The whales valley was classified as a World Heritage area and was chosen by UNESCO as the best World Heritage area for whale skeletons.


Trip program 

  • Gathering at 11:00 AM at the State Council – Dokki, moving at 11:30pm.
  • Arrival to Tunis village , free tour and visit pottery workshops.

    breakfast or horse riding is available (additional cost)

  • Arrival to the whales valley protected area at 4:00 PM.
  • Take a break, and then participate in the preparation of the camp.
  • At 5:00 PM, visit the Open Climate Change Museum.
  • At 6:00 PM meal time.
  • At 10:00 PM Astronomy session.
    1- We will observe the sky by eye and telescope at intermittent intervals on the most important constellations that exist
  • Watching the meteors showers.
  • 2- Night stargazing.
  • 3- How to determine directions and know the Qibla by the stars
    Using sky maps and smart phone applications to learn about the virtual shapes of constellations and planets, their locations and their names.
    How to differentiate between stars and planets.
  • Camp fire sitting and enjoying the quiet of the night and then staying in tents.
  • Saturday – gathering, moving and returning to Cairo after sunrise and arriving at 10 AM.

Things to bring

  •  ID card.
  • A suitable shoe for walking.
  • A heavy jacket .
  • Food (Only available one meal).

Important notes

  •  There is a camping area for monitoring, sleeping bags are available, and overnight stays in tents.
  •  Available bathrooms in camp.
  • The trip is for Egyptians and Foreigners .
  • Children under 10 years old are not allowed.
  • There is no coverage for all networks in the reserve.
  • Please bring food and drink for the rest of the day.
  • Please bring a jacket for the cold weather in the desert at night .
  • There is a 35-kilometre long ramp to reach the reserve, which causes vibrations in the bus and causes dust.


950 for Egyptians

1350 for Foreigners

Cancellation policy 

  • The trip can be canceled or postponed for reasons of bad weather – incompeleted or emergency situations, the paid amount will refunded expect the online transfer fee .
  • Cancelleation can be made 48 hours before the trip , and nothing will be refunded after that.
  • Trip will not be canceled if there clouds and the lecture contunied by what is availabe at different times of night .
  • Start Date5 July 2024 - 11:00 AM
  • locationFayoum
  • End Date6 July 2024 - 12:00 PM

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