What is Chefchaoun?

Chefchaoun is a multi-activity company that is operating based on a strong social mission.

It aims to fulfill the needs of startups by providing a cozy, inspiring, and at the same time, professional venue, where they can work on their projects, also  providing them with a space to collaborate and take initiatives with other entities, believing it will be a chance for learning and sharing experiences…



Sound studio & voice over

Chefchaoun provides an isolated sound studio with “Samson” satellite recorder for easy recordings by mobile, even if you need a professional voice over , its also available , listen to the sound track voice over samples.

  1. Chefchaoun studio & voice over samples 1:39


Planning for private trip?

private trip.EN

Get free from the hassle of planning a trip, and do it with experienced professionals!

private trip.EN

Mosaic, Stay Tuned 🚀

Mosaic is a one-to-one consultation platform, which provides you with online and offline free talks and well –priced private sessions to get the right mentor and overcome a life or a career challenge and to enhance your abilities to make a short cut to your next step depending on experiences and professional practitioners’ advice.

Social Media


11 Haroun street - Dokki - Giza

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رحلة طريق المغرب.
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Planning for a private trip?

We offer various kinds of trips inside Egypt or other other countries , here are some of our suggestions:

  • Morocco road trip.
  • The whales valley "Astronomy trip".
  • The white desert "Astronomy & Safari trip".
  • Siwa Oasis "Astronomy & Safari trip".
  • Rayan valley "Hiking on moon light trip".
  • The new valley "Road trip".

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